How To Find The Dog For You


How to find the dog for you and your family.  Will the dog get along with kids?  Will the dog get along with other animals in the household?  Does the dog have a good disposition?  What is the best dog for a family?  These are some of the questions you might ask when deciding what kind of dog you want.

How to find the dog for you and your family

  • How much time can you devote to your new puppy? There are specific breeds that require a great deal of attention and do not do well in a situation where they will be confined alone for hours at a time. Be realistic with your expectations and select a breed that is known for their patience and ability to spend a few hours apart from you.
  • Size matters. Although your new puppy may be a small bundle of joy right now, in six months you may be dealing with a monster. If you don’t have a lot of space, or if you live in an apartment, a large breed may not be the best choice.
  • Research breed traits. Buying a puppy should not be based on which dog is the cutest, or which breed you always thought looked nice. Take the time to thoroughly research these traits so that you can make an informed decision.
  • Research breed health issues. Every breed may have congenital health issues, but some may be more severe than others.
  • Consider a shelter pet. While shelter pets are not for everyone, they may be a good option if you do not have small children or if you do not mind getting an older dog.
  • Pick the right breeder. Many future health and behavioral issues can be avoided simply by choosing the right breeder.  Below are three options for you to choose from, and a little bit of information to help you make this very important decision.
    • Dealer or pet shop A pet shop is simply the worst place that you can get your puppy.  The puppies they have for sale there are bred poorly.  At these types of places, the puppies are thought of as a profit and nothing more.  There is little to no emphasis on quality here either – as pet shops prefer quantity over qualify.
    • Backyard breeders Backyard breeders are considered to be yet another poor choice for your puppy.  Almost all backyard breeders are people who own a few dogs and find it to be fun to breed their female for the fact of having puppies, or breed her once or twice before they decide to go ahead and get her spayed.
    • Hobby breeders A hobby breeder is the ideal way to get your puppy.  Hobby breeders are loyal, committed, and think of their pups as more than just a hobby.  Hobby breeders care more about the quality of their puppies than anything else, and they commit themselves to helping you get the best pup possible.

Selecting a puppy is an emotional decision, but it pays to keep these points in mind before you make your final decision. Once you know how to find the dog for you, you’ll be able to decide what dog is best for your family.


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